Wonderful Weekend of Kite Flying!

If you haven’t attended the LBI Kite Fest, you must mark your calendars now for next year.  Held each year on Columbus Day weekend, the organizers meticulously plan three days of just plain fun for families, couples and individuals alike.  

A demonstration and competition of indoor kite flying by professionals from all over the country and Canada is held Friday night.  Individual flying routines, choreographed to music was very interesting to watch.  This past season, the weather was beautiful, a clear, crisp fall day with plenty of wind to highlight the huge variety of kites……fish, sharks, a witch on her broom, Pegasus, characters of all sorts….some so huge they were tethered, flying high above the spectators! 

But perhaps the most spectacular sight occurred Sunday night at the Barnegat Lighthouse.  The night fly of illuminated kites was just magical…..as well as the thousands of people watching, all decked out in their glow necklaces everywhere you looked.  The spotlights on the lighthouse were not illuminated that night so the kites could dominate the sky.  Static displays of minions and dragons added to the fun, while children ran around in their skeleton costumes, squealing with joy.  

A big thank you to all the Kitefest Volunteers and the South Jersey Kite Fliers Association.  We at the Sand Castle hope this tradition continues year after year.

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