Fall Weekend “Scarecrow” competition on and near LBI

Nancy Gallimore, Innkeeper
Sand Castle Bed and Breakfast

Another fun event awaits those visitors who join us any fall week-end throughout October. Businesses on and around LBI have put up displays of over 100 scarecrows in all shapes and poses. Those folks who wish to participate can vote for their favorite by going to www.discoversouthernocean.com A list of locations can be printed….seeing these creations in person is so much fun! I have seen scarecrows pumping gas, riding in an ambulance, painting their self-portrait, bride and groom scarecrows, gone fishin’ scarecrows…..lots of humor and plain old fun! And delightful to see, rain or shine! We have a lot of talented, creative people behind these fabulous exhibits, so come on out and take a look!
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