Barnegat Lighthouse “Old Barney” makes the News

Nancy Gallimore, Innkeeper
Sand Castle Bed and Breakfast

So…..let me tell you about the Barnegat Lighthouse and its 150th anniversary on January 1, 2009. A group of people known as “Friends of the Lighthouse” decided that it was high time to see “Old Barney”, as the lighthouse is affectionately known, lit again after so many years of darkness. A rotating beacon was ordered and delivered all the way from New Zealand! And the relighting took place as planned, on January 1, 2009. The little town of Barnegat Light was overrun with approximately 7,000 onlookers…..the mayor said a few words…..although most of us could not even get close enough to hear him! It was quite chilly out, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone as they waited. Then at 5:12 pm, with a Coast Guard boat sitting nearby and a huge crowd of people cheering, the light went on and history was made…our beautiful lighthouse is once again a beacon with a shining light visible 20 miles offshore!

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